Radiation Protection Services

Offered services cover several and diverse applications related to radiation protection services. These subsections are summarized below:

    1. Radiation Protection Services for Man-Made Industrial Sources:

Multi Phase Flow Meters (MPFM)

Training services related to radiation protection from the emission of radiation from sealed and unsealed radioactive sources.

  • Performs tests of radioactive contamination and on-site collection of leak tests of   sealed sources.
  • Conducts radioactive decontamination.
  • Consults on restrictions for radiation exposure.
  • Calculates shielding requirements ad design shielding for new facilities.
  • Determine controlled and supervised radiation areas.
  • Provides consultation on the management and security of radiation sources.
  • Performs radiation survey around various types of x-ray screening machines           (medical and industrial) and assure their compliance.
  • Detects and quantifies the radioactive sources in metal scrap.
  • Selects and purchases required radiation survey monitors.
  1. Radiation Protection from Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM):

The Origins & accumulation of NORM

On site monitoring of the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and  NORM waste disposal.

  • Measures NORM contamination levels in pipes, tanks, scale and sludge.
  • Surveys and measures indoor radon (in houses and offices) using                internationally approved alpha nuclear track technology.
  • Conducts radiation surveys around oil well heads and production platforms.
  • Conducts natural radioactivity surveys in soil, water and air.
  • Provides services of measuring and protection from environmental radioactivity.
  • Identifies radioactivity level in environmental samples.
  1. Radiation Services to Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Radio Therapy

  • Conducts regular radiation surveys for dental and diagnostic x-rays in hospitals,   medical and dental clinics and assures their x-ray machine compliance surveys.
  •  Monitors and measures personnel radiation doses in hospital and working areas.
  1. Compliance Monitoring with National and Companies Regulations
  • Provides on-site assessments/Audits of existing Radiation protection program of a facility with national and major companies’ radiation protection regulations/standards.
  •  Prepares reports summarizing the expected findings prior to the visit of an          inspection authority.
  • Prepares the needed formalities for new Radiation Practice Licenses according to government regulation.
  • Writes radiation protection contingency plans.
  1. General Radiation Protection Services

Industrial Radiography

  • Prepares specific radiation protection procedures and/or manuals that match the       client needs.
  • Prepares annual radiation protection reports related to the client use of radiation  sources.
  • Provides expert advice and primary consultation in radiation protection and NDTs
  • Conducts research projects related to the use of industrial and natural (NORM in oil sludge – scale and radon gas) radiation sources.
  • Provides staff augmentation by providing (full and part-time Radiation Safety officers/technicians (to help our customers implement their radiation safety programs in their facilities.
  • Performs radiation risk assessments for workers, the public and the environment.
  • Evaluates the hazards associated with natural and man-made radiation sources.
  • Carries out radiation dosimetry and monitoring (hospitals and the workplace).
  • Investigates radiation incidents (ionizing and non-ionizing radiation).
  • Selects purchases and maintains personal, area devices and protective equipment.