Research Projects (32)

Research Projects at KFUPM (28)

1.   Abu-Jarad F. and Al-Jarallah M.I. “The Activity of Radon-222 in Saudi Arabian Houses” June 1982 – January 1985 (Completed)

2.   Abu-Jarad F., Islam M., Abu-Abdoun E. and Khan M.A. “UV, Solar andExcimer Laser Effect on Nuclear Track Detectors CR-39” 1989 – 1991 (Completed)

3.   Al-Jarallah M.I., Abu-Jarad F., Hallak, Coban A. and Islam M. A. “Protonresponse in CR-39 using Tandetron Accelerator” 1991 – 1992 (Completed)

4.   Abu-Jarad F. and Islam M. A.   “Radon activity at ERL”   1991 – 1992 (Completed)

5.     Abu-Jarad F., S.A. Durrani and Islam M.A. “Effect of CO2 Laser on CR-39″ 1992 – 1993   (Completed)

6.    Al-Jarallah M.I., Abu-Jarad F. and  Coban A. “Alpha response in CR-39 using Tandetron Accelerator” 1993 – 1997 (not completed)

7.   Aksoy A., Naqvi A.A., Khaiari F.Z., Abu-Jarad F., Summani M. (1994).Elemental analysis of natural gamma ray in core samples (Completed).

8.   Abu-Jarad F., Al-Jarallah. M.I., Abu-Abdoun E.. “CR-39 as UV SolarDosimeter” 1992 – 1994, (not completed).

9.    Abu-Jarad F., El Haddidy  M.and Al-Jarallah M.I.,(1995-1997) CR-39 as environmental UV Solar Dosimeter (Completed).

10.    Abu-Jarad F., Al-Jarallah M.I. and Naqvi A.A.(1996/1997) Detection of Light nuclear particle by track  etch detectors (Completed).

11.  Abu-Jarad F., Al-Jarallah M.I. and Khiari F. and Aksoy A. (1997) Neutron flux  determinations (completed).

12.    AL-Haddad M., Al-Jabri, Abu-Jarad F. (1995-1996) Rn-222 concentrations in some tap and ground water samples in Eastern Saudi Arabia using Liquid Scintillation Counter. (Completed)

13.   Al-Jarallah M.I., Abu-Jarad F., and Aksoy A. (1995-1997) Thorium content and Radioactivity in Gas Mantles (by different methods: Chemical analysis, gamma spectrometry, nuclear track detractors (Completed).

14.   Abu-Jarad F.,  Hala A.M., Farhat M.(1992- 1997). “Effect of high gamma dose on the CR-39 properties” (completed).

15.   F. Abu-Jarad, Al-Jarallah  M.I., M. El hadidy and S.M Shaahid and Fazal-ur-Rehman. (98-2000). Assessment of integrated solar UV radiation using PM-355 detectors Nuclear track detectors (completed).

16.  Fazal-ur-Rehman, F. Abu-Jarad and Al-Jarallah  M.I (98-2000) Comparison and limitations of three different bulk etch rate measurements methods as a function of high gamma absorbed dose in Nuclear Track detectors (completed).

17.  Al-Jarallah  M.I, F. Abu-Jarad and Fazal-ur-Rehman (99-2002) Determination of radon exhalation from building materials using active and passive detectors (completed).

18.  Al-Jarallah  M.I, A.A. Naqvi , F. Abu-Jarad and Fazal-ur-Rehman, S.M. Ayub, R.Nassar and S. Kidwai (2000) “Response of nuclear track detectors to 1-3 MeV 3He and 4He ions”.  . (completed)

19.  F. Abu-Jarad,  Fazal-ur-Rehman, (1999-2002 )  Assessment of thermal neutronambient equivalent dose around the KFUPM neutron sources storage area using nuclear track detectors”. (completed)

20.  Al-Jarallah  M.I.,  F. Abu-Jarad,  Fazal-ur-Rehman, F. Khiari, A. Aksoy and R.Nassar (1999-2001 )  Application of Nuclear Track detectors in the study of Accelerator-based thermal & fast neutron fluxes. (completed).

21.  F. Abu-Jarad, M. I. Al-Jarallah, A. Al-Shukri, Fazal-ur-Rehman  (2000-2002)”Indoor Radon Survey in Dwellings of Seven Different Cities of the Eastern and the Western Provinces of Saudi Arabia” (Completed 2003).

22.  Fazal-ur-Rehman, Khalid Jamil, M. Zakaullah, F. Abu-Jarad and S. A. Mujahid (2001-2002). “Experimental and Monte Carlo Simulation Studies of Open Cylindrical Radon Monitoring Device using CR-39 Detector”.

23.  M.I. Al-Jarallah, A.A. Naqvi, Fazal-ur-Rehman and F. Abu-Jarad. (2002) “Fast and Thermal Neutron Intensity Measurements at the KFUPM PGNAA Setup”. (Completed 2003).

24.  F. Abu-Jarad, Fazal-ur-Rehman. ”. (2002-2003).  “Detection of 210Po on Filterpapers 16 years after use for the Collection of Short-lived Radon Progeny in a Room using Nuclear Track Detectors (Completed 2003).

25.   E. A. El-Amri, M. I. Al-Jarallah, F. Abu-Jarad, and Fazal-ur-Rehman. (2002-2003).“Uniformity in Radon Exhalation from Construction Materials using Can Technique”. (Completed 2003).

26.  Fazal-ur-Rehman, and Al-Jarallah  M.I F. Abu-Jarad, M.I. Qureshi (2003-2005)Assessment of fast and thermal neutron ambient dose equivalent around the KFUPM neutron sources storage area using nuclear track detectors”. (completed).

27.  H. Al-Mustafa, M. I. Al-Jarallah, Fazal-ur-Rehman F. Abu-Jarad (2004-2005).“Radon concentration measurements in the Desert caves of Saudi Arabia”. (completed)

28.  Abu-Jarad, F. “Indoor Radon in 8th residential areas of Saudi Aramco, 2006 (Completed).

Research Projects Overseas (4)

  1.  F. Abu-Jarad and J.H. Fremlin “Radon in Urban Houses”   PhysicsDept./Birmingham Univ./United Kingdom September 1980 – August 1982 (Completed)

2. B. Moed and F. Abu-Jarad “Radon Survey in Bay Area” Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California in Berkeley June 1984 – Aug. 1987 (not-completed)

3. F. Abu-Jarad and R. Sextro “Behaviour of Radon Products inside a Room”Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California in Berkeley June 1984 – Aug. 1986 (Completed)

4.   H. Khayrat, M. I. Al-Jarallah, Fazal-ur-Rehman, F. Abu-Jarad. (2001-2003). “Indoor Radon Survey in Dwellings of some regions in Yemen”. Completed 2003