Academic Records

B. Sc.   Physics (1969) / University of Baghdad

M. ScPhysical Methods of Analysis (1977) / University of Aston / UK

Ph.D.  Applied Radiation Physics (1980) / University of Birmingham/ UK

Employment History

1980-’81:   Research Fellow, Physics Department/ University of Birmingham / UK

1981-86:   FacultyPhysics Department/ King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) / SAUDI ARABIA

1986-2002:  Leader of the Radiation Protection Group/RSO– Energy Research Laboratory-Research Institute (ERL/ RI/KFUPM)/ SAUDI ARABIA

2002-2007:  Leader of Man-made Ionizing Radiation Sources Group – Radiation Protection Unit- Environmental Protection Department (RPU/EPD)/Saudi Aramco